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Organic Flax Seeds 200Gm

Organic Flax Seeds 200Gm

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"Truly Ghar Ka Khana"
Pesticide free, Chemical free, No GMOs.
24 Mantra Organic Flax Seeds are 100% organic and free from pesticides.Flax seeds are a nature's gift that possesses potential health-improving components. It has good amount of -Linolenic acid an Omega-3 fatty acid, protein, fiber, Lignan. Flax Seeds provide a host of health benefits when consumed regularly.

Ingredients: Organic Flax Seeds

Storage Tips: Store in cool & dry place away from sunlight. Once opened transfer to an air tight container.

Benefits: Good source of dietary fibre, Consists of beneficial omega-3 fatty acids, Contains bioactive compounds, Regulates cholesterol

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