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Organic Cardamom 50 GM

Organic Cardamom 50 GM

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"Truly Ghar Ka Khana"
Pesticide free, Chemical free, No GMOs.
24 Mantra Organic Cardamom is not bleached and is sourced from organically cultivated stretches in Malabar. Our product has excellent flavor and aroma! Cardamom is a commonly used spice in the Indian cuisine.

Cardamom is a spice used for flavor in both food and beverages. Cardamom seeds whole or in powdered form are used for their aromatic property. It is used in the preparation of curries, rice preparations cakes and confectionery. It is also used as a mouth freshener.

Storage Tips: Store in cool & dry place away from sunlight. Once opened transfer to an air tight container.

Benefits: Good for digestion, Antioxidant rich, Anti-inflammatory

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