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Organic Biryani 200 GM

Organic Biryani 200 GM

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"Truly Ghar Ka Khana"
Pesticide free, Chemical free, No GMOs.
24 Mantra Organic Biryani pilaf is made using an authentic recipe, with the natural spice mix and aromatic basmati rice. The dish is ready within minutes that takes you to the exotic land of spices! Biryani is made with rice as the main ingredient.

Biryani has been much talked about rice recipes since the Mughal Period. It has originated in the Indian sub-continent. There are many versions of Biryani (Pilaf) but Hyderabadi Biryani occupies the topmost place and no other version can beat it.

Biryani is made with rice as the main ingredient. Rice is a dietary staple food and is a source of energy for Indians. Rice like any other cereal provides a fair amount of protein, phosphorous, iron and in small amounts B vitamins. 24 Mantra Organic Biryani rice is made with rice, dried vegetables (carrots, beans, onions), spice mix (dried ginger, garlic, coriander, dried coriander, and mint leaves), salt and safflower oil.

Ingredients: *Basmati Rice,*Peanut Oil,*Dried Vegetables-Beans,Carrots,*Dried Onion,Salt,*Dried Coriander Leaves,*Dried Garlic,*Ginger,*Coriander Powder,*Chilly Powder,*Dried Mint Leaves,*Cardomom,*Cinnamon,*Cloves,*Bay Leaf,Acidity Regulator E296(Malic Acid)*Mace,*Cumin Seeds,*Turmeric And *Spices.Ingredients With *Are Organic

Storage Tips: Store in a cool and dry place.

Allergen Advice: Contains peanut. Processed and packed in a facility that also handles wheat, soya bean, barley, sesame, mustard, dairy and tree nuts

Benefits: A major source of energy, Additive free, Natural spice mix, A source of fair amount of protein, Anti-oxidant rich, Phytonutrient rich

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