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Happy Gopi Organic Cow Ghee (500ml)

Happy Gopi Organic Cow Ghee (500ml)

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Pesticide free, Chemical free - Truly Organic.
Happy Gopi Organic Cow Ghee (from the house of 24 Mantra Organic) a pristine farm-fresh product, is made from high-quality Certified Organic farm fresh whole milk of organic grass-fed cows and hence more nutritious. Processed at our own facility, it is pure & unadulterated. Including this authentic organic food in your diet helps boost immunity naturally.
Ghee is one of the special super foods that is rejuvenating, and powerful health-boosting ingredient. It is easy to digest and safe for everyone. Enriched with nutrients & minerals like Protein, Iron, and Calcium, antioxidants - omega-3 Vitamin A & E, it is both nourishing and healing. It has a higher heating temperature and works as a great replacement for vegetable oils and butter. This high-quality organic cow ghee can be recommended for children, for better growth and development.

Storage Tips: Store in a cool and dry place.

Read more about this product: Ghee has been revered in India for 1000's of years. It is known for its purity and healing quality. Read more...
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